Haltom Band Alumni Events 2017

Haltom Band Alumni Dinner Friday, May 19, 2017, 7pm

Haltom Band Alumni Band Concert Saturday, May 20, 7pm

The mission of the Haltom Band Alumni:

To uphold the Dignity, Honor and Pride of the Haltom High School Band by preserving its unique history, strengthening friendships, and above all else, ensuring a tradition of musical excellence for future generations.

– By developing and maintaining an accurate, historic, annual record of the Haltom High School Band, from its formation through the current year, as an ongoing, perpetual legacy for future classes and generations.
– By raising funds for scholarships and other means of assisting students who are financially in need, musically talented, and demonstrate dignity, honor and pride in their academic and community endeavors.
– By recruiting recent Band graduates, along with former students from all generations, to continually infuse the organization with new members and subsequently new ideas.